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Nano-influencing utilizes the typical social media user to promote products and businesses through every day social media posts. 

Make money by tagging your local gym in your workout photo on Instagram or your  coffee brand  in your snap of your morning Joe. 

The average Twinkel post can earn you between $10 to $50 and gets paid within 24 hours!

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Receive and Accept Twinkel $ Offer and criteria From the Brand

Step 2

Create and Share the Twinkel Post on your Social Media Platform

Step 3

Send us a Screenshot of your Twinkel Post and get Paid

I really needed an Ice Cream break today #DairyDelight
Serious food tonight with these delicious crispy chicken and pastrami sandwiches! #Shnitzly
I'm so glad I got this jacket for my skiing trip!
Can't start my day without my morning #Espresso
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